Use the Whiteboard tool to jot down project and experiment ideas before you start, so they don't get lost. Lab Members with the Collaborator role don't have access to whiteboards.


Whiteboard Toolbar

  • Select Tool — Select elements then click and drag to move them.

  • Edit Info — Change the whiteboard's name or add a description.

  • Toggle Style — Toggle between sketchy style and straight style.

  • Add Project Label — Add a project label that references a real project, click the link in the Element Properties Panel to go to the project's page.

  • Add Experiment Label — Add an experiment label that references a real experiment, click the link in the Element Properties Panel to go to the experiment's page.

  • Add Image — Add an image. You can also drag and drop an image on the board.

  • Add Text — Add some text, and click on the board to set it. Double click a set text to edit it.

  • Save PNG file — Click the download icon to save a PNG snapshot of the whiteboard for use in graphics editors.

  • Pen Tool — Draw on the canvas to create lines then press Enter to finalize the line.

  • Line Tool — Click points to generate a line. Press Enter to finalize. You can customize the line arrows in the Element Property Panel

  • Shape Tools — Click a shape icon, then click and drag to create.

Element Properties Panel

Each element has properties you can change-- for example, the line width of the shapes, the fill and stroke colors, and font sizes. In addition, every element can have its layer order changed and deleted from this panel.

Whiteboard Header Bar

  • Quick Save — Save unsaved changes

  • Zoom In/Out — Useful when your whiteboard is too large for your screen

  • Delete — Delete entire whiteboard

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