Project Page

Each project page contains a kanban view of its experiments. Each experiment can be dragged to change its status.


Managing Experiments and Postmortems

Each Project Page by default displays the experiments in a kanban view where you can drag and drop experiments to change their status. In order to change an experiment status to Done, the experiment owner will need to mark completed or abandoned in the postmortem window. The experiment owner will also need to confirm that all source data are uploaded.


Click on an experiment's name to view its notebook entries. To see entries in chronological order, click the list mode button.

Project Header Bar

  • Edit — Edit the project's name, goals, owners, and due date.

  • Archive - Archive the project when completed or abandoned.

  • Delete — Warning: deletion in kanobo should rarely be done. Click delete and enter your email address to confirm.

Filter by Name

Click the filter icon to filter the projects by name.

Adding Experiments

Once you have created a project you'll be able to add an experiment within that project in the footer. Give your experiment a name, set the experiment owner, an estimated completion/deadline date (required), and experiment goals. Optionally, set the priority and color.


Completion/Deadline Date Hint

Once you've completed a few experiments, you can view the average difference between the actual completion date and estimated completion date for your last 10 completed experiments by hovering over the icon in the Add Experiment panel.


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