Lab Overview

The Lab Overview aggregates the latest projects and experiments in the Lab and displays it in one page. Lab members set with the Collaborators role will only see projects that they are included in.


Viewing Lab Activity

The Lab Activity chart is a heatmap showing the amount of activity in the last 30 days in chronological order. The last square represents the current day. Clicking the Lab Events button displays the last 100 Lab Events.


Updating Lab Settings

Click the Settings button in the Lab Overview page to update your lab's name, description, and timezone. Additionally, if you need to change your subscription plan you will also do that here.


Daily backups to your lab's own cloud storage

Backup your project data and files to any S3-compatible cloud storage once a day. Popular S3-compatible cloud service providers include Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2. Click the "Backup Data" button in the Lab Settings and enter your S3 connection information. Backups are completed by 01:00 PST and the logs will show up below the settings.

If you aren't familiar with S3-compatible cloud storage or not sure how to set it up, we have a short tutorial on setting up backups to a Backblaze bucket.

Deleting a Lab

To delete your lab and all its data, please click "Pause Subscription" first then email from a Lab Admin's email address to mark the lab for deletion.

Managing Lab Members

Add members by clicking the Manage Members link in Lab Overview. Enter your lab member's email address in the input field and select their role. The most common role for a typical Lab is a 🔬 Lab Member. There are four options:

  • 💼 Lab Admins have full access, including updating the Lab's billing/subscription, all projects, and adding new Members.

  • 🔬 Lab Members can view all projects but can not view lab settings or add new members.

  • 🧫 Collaborators can only view projects they own or projects that either have experiments or comments assigned to them.

  • 🚫 Inactive members will not have access to this lab. Set this for alumni who have graduated from the lab or when you accidentally created a user.


Once added, the member will receive an email with a link to your lab with instructions to sign in using the email they sent you. They must use the email address you added to be able to access your lab.

Adding Projects

The main button used for adding and saving will be located in the footer. In Lab Overview click Add Project.


Give your project a name (required), an estimated completion/deadline date (optional), project owners, and a description of the project goal (optional). Set the project permissions:

  • Any Lab Member can Edit & Comment

  • Only Project Members can Edit & Comment

Who are Project Members? Project Owners, Experiment Owners, and those Mentioned in Comments are considered Project Members

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