Adding lab members

Add members by clicking the Manage Members link in Lab Overview.


Enter your lab member's email address in the input field and select their role. The most common role for a typical Lab is a 🔬 Lab Member. There are four options:

  • 💼 Lab Admins have full access, including updating the Lab's billing/subscription, all projects, and adding new Members.

  • 🔬 Lab Members can view all projects but can not view lab settings or add new members.

  • 🧫 Collaborators can only view projects they own or projects that either have experiments or comments assigned to them.

  • 🚫 Inactive members will not have access to this lab. Set this for alumni who have graduated from the lab or when you accidentally created a user.

Manage Members


Once added, the member will receive an email with a link to your lab with instructions to sign in using the email they sent you. They must use the email address you added to be able to access your lab.

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