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Adding projects & experiments

The main button used for adding and saving will be located in the footer. In Lab Overview click Add Project.


Give your project a name (required), an estimated completion date (optional), project owners, and a description of the project goal (optional). Set the project permissions:

  • Any Lab Member can Edit & Comment

  • Only Project Members can Edit & Comment

Who are Project Members? Project Owners, Experiment Owners, and those Mentioned in Comments are considered Project Members

Adding Experiments

Once you have created a project you'll be able to add an experiment within that project in the footer. Give your experiment a name, set the experiment owner, an estimated completion date (required), and experiment goals. Optionally, set the priority and color.


Once you've completed a few experiments, you can view the average difference between the actual completion date and estimated completion date for your last 10 completed experiments by hovering over the icon.

Due Date Hint

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