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About Security

Your lab's data is your lab's property so we believe data portability, security and user trust should always be our top priority.

Daily Backups

Get a daily snapshot of all projects and files synched directly to your lab's own cloud storage. Learn how to set this up in the Cloud Backup article

Security Audits

Monthly OWASP 10 & SANS 25 security and penetration testing by an independent third-party.

Auto-saving Notebooks

Don't worry about losing data and having to hit that save button all the time

Data Ownership

Your lab's data is your lab's property. We promise never to sell or mine your lab's data.

Notebook History

Go back in time and read what a notebook's entry looked like at any point in the past.

Lab Activity Log

Easily check what's the latest activity occurring in your lab.


Full Lab Text Search

Looking for that one entry with the funny name? Quickly find what you're looking for.


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